Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Computer Issues--Bummer!!!!

I can not believe it has been so long since I blogged, but a lot has happen the past couple of weeks.  When I came back from having Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City, everything fell to pieces.  We had a wonderful time visiting Kate and her boyfriend in Oklahoma.  Chris, Kate, Jarod and I went to a Thunder basketball game, had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and did some Black Friday shopping.  We made it back from Oklahoma on  Saturday, so I finished unpacking, and settling back into my routine of getting ready for Monday.  Sunday was not a normal day because it started out by my son finding a cow dead in the field. Sunday night was another story in it self.  I am not sure what time all the craziness start but it was late.  The first thing I notice was the refrigerator started clicking off and on, while the security light outside dimmed then lit up again.  It was around 9:30 when I called the eclectic company to report what was going on with the power.  The lady who worked in dispatch said they would send somebody to check out the problem.  So Monday rolled around, then Tuesday I ended up with the flu which brings me to Wednesday.  I started to feel better Wednesday afternoon, so I decided to vacuum the floor.  When I turned on the vacuum the main computer exploded with smoke bellowing out of the back.  I brought the computer this year at Best Buy.  I called the eclectic company again on Friday to have someone come out to look at the problem I was experiencing earlier in the week.  Well long story short the linesmen told me I have been pulling only 40 amps of eclectic when I should be pulling at least 100 amps.  They suggested a major upgrade as soon as possible.  Okay that explains why I have not posted lately.  Right now I am using someone else computer to post this blog.  Now for my comment on last weeks last class......  I have learned so much from listening to the speakers on TED Talks.  It is awesome to listen to what others have to say on the subject of technology and the ways it has been use for their different purposes.  I feel making children culturally aware of the world around us is very important.  By this I mean, seeing children from other countries or another states interacting in school.  Technology has helped in so many ways with children's learning either with Math, Reading or Social Studies.  Smart boards, Digital projectors, are just a few to enhance a child's world.  This semester has gone so fast I can not believe it, plus this has been one of my favorite classes not only because of the teacher but the students too.