Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chapter 6 reflection

I am pretty familar with the Digital tools they talked about in chapter six. I am very lucky because working as a Library Assistant I have to be up on the new equipment. Before the teachers had Whiteboards in their class we had one in the library. So I had to learn how to connect it to everything like the laptop computer and projector. There is so much technology out in the world, it is a little overwhelming. A teacher told me a several years ago she wasn't going to invest in a digital camera. I couldn't believe she said something so cazy, but I guess she was scare to try something new????? I love new technology but it can be frustrating when you don't understand it. My son just brought a wireless router for his PS3. The instrucions were very simple but we couldn't get it to work. A friend came over to help but they still couldn't figure it out. There is 27/7 tech support but you have to answer a bunch of question and you still don't have a number to call. In technology I want everything to be as simple as possible!!!!!!!! I think time is a big component or factor in life. Do you think we are always in hurray any more. It feels like it to me. Hurray to get this done, to learn, to get somewhere or to make something. Is it my age that is getting in the way... I hope not......

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  1. I think you are exactly right, most people won't use something unless it is simple. That is why I think the iPad has been such a success. It is very easy to us.

    How can we encourage teachers to use these tools if they are not simple?